life here in my studio is a mess currently. trying to finish up the last of these new paintings for the two shows coming up in germany this month. if you are in cologne, stop by the arty farty gallery on may 15th ( and if you are in or near hamburg, please visit us at the helium cowboy gallery on may 29th ( plenty of new artwork, shnitzels, dachscunds, and BEER! check out a few of the new works below…been playing a bit with new color schemes and compositions lately with mixed results…

About that dude

i make these drawings, and also love my wife, cat, gang and city.
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  1. John Osgood says:

    Great work as usual Jeremy! I really enjoy your use of color tone in the face/ beard/owl mouth piece. Starting with a that orangy apricot color and working it lighter creating the depth. Also leaving the woody feel in the mouth gives it a grounded feel. Good luck and safe travels abroad! Can’t wait to see your work when it arrives to Seattle in July.

  2. Matt Corriveau says:

    I’ve been looking for your superfishal Mermaid deck, it is a beautiful piece of work. I’ve looked every where to no avail even Upper Playground. Where can I find it or am I destined to not have it within my posession.

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