my grandfather, nickolas d’agostino, 1908-2010, passed away yesterday. he was the single biggest creative influence in my life. he was born in nyc, grew up at the tail end of the “gangs of new york” era of new york. he hopped trains, he lived like a hobo. he survived a rattlesnake bite on the ass in the desert. he drove a fire truck off a cliff in long island and lived to tell the tale, and pay for the wrecked fire truck. he never had a drivers license. he wore alot of brown. he met my grandmother on a bus, and proposed to her on their first date. he was the oldest living member of trout unlimited, a large national fishing organization. he was the first member of my family to go to california. his uncle art directed king kong and got him a job working on sets in hollywood. he met walt disney, had cocktails with john wayne, and went fishing with rock hudson. he also once told ronald regan to fuck off, right before getting fired from a movie set. he is the only proof in my family tree that i am not adopted. he was a very creative man, who made his living by making things with his hands. i loved him very much, and wouldnt be the artist i am today without his influence…


About the dude-meister

i make drawings, i like old vans, and im not scared to party in my mid-thirties.
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3 Responses to REST IN PEACE

  1. J says:

    Thanks for sharing Jeremy. What a life he lived. Sorry for your loss. Our condolences.

    • Wow, that’s one hell of a summary. Proof that tough old birds once existed, took chances, never held back, did what they wanted and all the while still had respect for those who deserved it. What a man to know, sad to have never had the chance.

  2. Old souls know old souls, and this man sounds like he’s one in a trillion. It’s great to know people from generations before us could have so much influence on our lives. RIP

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