hello there,

after months of painting and art showing, there is nothing i like more than the simplicity of doing some old fashioned black and white drawings. i had a pretty long list of fun drawings, tattoos, tee shirt graphics, and random commercial gigs that i pushed back all summer until now. below are a few of them. if i had to only ever use one medium for the rest of my life it would be to just draw these black ink on white 11 x 14 bristol board drawings. most classic. also im including a track by my hombre and new neighbor CAGE…if you dont know cage, you should…

About the dude-meister

i make drawings, i like old vans, and im not scared to party in my mid-thirties.
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  1. damn, jeremy -I hate you! You are SO fuckin talented -I just found you by chance last night (or the wee hours of yesterday morning) while checking vids on youtube of sheperd fairey & his process cuz (probably like you, too) it inspires me to get my own creative juices percolating by watching docs on other artists; anyhow, I’m totally a stage 5 stalker now for your artwork, which, in my opinion, is amaza-zing-ly innovative and unique -i just stare at the bit of your work I’ve seen online so far and think, “How in the fucK does he come up w/this shit!?” Very inspiring!

    Thanks for existing, yo! haha 🙂

    Yer artiste sistah from down south –(los angeles)


  2. Erik says:

    Your shit is so dope man, I honestly wonder how people can have talent like this…

    I’ve seen people just draw this crazy shit with nothing but their creativity, must be innate I guess.

    Personally I can’t come up with anything without a nice joint, heh.

    Keep up the dope work man.

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