a longtime collector and supporter of my art, ROBIN WILLIAMS seen at the start of last nights giants game repping my shit pretty hard…thanks holmes…



About the dude-meister

i make drawings, i like old vans, and im not scared to party in my mid-thirties.
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2 Responses to MY MAN MORK FROM ORK

  1. travis beich says:

    i just watched the vid with williams. thats pretty damn cool. i actually just became familiar with your work. from an artist trying to come up myself. you are one of my top five for sure. i love your work man. an suggestions on how to get my name out there. plus what shirt is that? later dude keep reppin SF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Dennis Fougere says:

    Dude; that just made my heart swell with love. Nanoo Nanoo!!!

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