i drew this tee shirt design last night to help raise money for the skatepark in my hometown. they will be available soon if you are interested in supporting the cause…


About the dude-meister

i make drawings, i like old vans, and im not scared to party in my mid-thirties.
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6 Responses to HOMETOWN HEROES

  1. Mike A says:

    This is tight, is the skatepark near the spac. We saw phish play their a couple summers ago…it’s a cool spot but the DMB fans were their not long before and they went ape shit, frat boy style and flipped cars and burned stuff so they had the place on lockdown. Saratoga is a really cool town though and I’d buy a tshirt to help the cause…

  2. Reid Richman says:

    Yo Fish,
    You know that it was since 87!! They paved it that summer. Someone left there doghouse jump ramp there……But, I love the t-shirt. Where do I buy it??

  3. Sage Kowell says:

    I’d love to sport this, when is it acutally gonna be for sale? Are there any places like, right in town I could get it?

  4. Andrew says:

    I go to the park pretty often and I might not be able to make it to the “On Deck Auction” tomorrow, is there anyway I can buy one of these shirts? I’d love to get ahold of one. Email me with a response if possible.

  5. andrew hanson says:

    Same here dude… i’ve watched my brothers art styles change so much over the past few years all of it unbelievable and so awesome. gotta say your work has had a massive impact on him so much so that he’s been coming up with stuff like this http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2239368914605&set=a.2239366874554.2130095.1559493322&type=3&theater… which i liked so much i tattooed it on myself. but anyways i’d love to get my hands on one of these shirts just to rep a dude with some pretty crazy ideas. i just moved to SF myself like 2 days ago. shoot me an email if you can i’d love to buy one.

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