i have made a special handmade book with my buddy at 827 ink. limited to 200 copies. this will only be for sale at my opening this saturday.

Just in time for his exhibition at our FIFTY24SF Gallery, Jeremy Fish is set to release a new limited edition book, Where Hearts Get Left; a collection of 50 drawings from the show. This book release is a pictorial history of San Francisco’s stories and heroes as seen through the artist’s eyes. Published by 827INK, it is quarter bound by hand in Koskin leather and boasts a phillipine mahogany cover. This body of work and book are intended to be a love letter to San Francisco, “The City That Knows How.” With a foreword by Tommy Guerrero, each book is signed and hand numbered by the artist and is limited to 200 copies. Where Hearts Get Left will first be available at the show’s opening at FIFTY24SF in San Francisco on July 14th, 2012.



About the dude-meister

i make drawings, i like old vans, and im not scared to party in my mid-thirties.
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2 Responses to BOOK BONANZA

  1. Kristen Sweeney says:

    My fiancé is a huge fan of your work, which can be found through out our house. He is originally from the bay area and has shared his love for your art with me since we met. Under normal circumstances we would have made it a priority to attend your show however we are expecting our first child ( baby Ella) the 19th of July. I read about the limited addition book you are releasing at your show and I was wondering if there was any way I could buy one even though we are unable to attend the show. I know this a lot to ask but it would mean the world to him. Thank you for your time. Kristen

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